CAN Design is an energetic graphic design & advertising studio headed by a Creative Art Director, Account Liaison and Production Manager, and supported by a team of talented designers and artists, all whom have the ability to adapt skills appropriate for tasks at hand. From creative concepts through to finished art, for both digital and print requirements, we are really a boutique one-stop branding, advertising and design agency.

The supportive team draw together skills of copywriting, PR, digital finished art, illustration, multimedia, social networking, web development and photography, to produce the best a client can achieve within both time and budget.

We are a small team, (compared to the traditional advertising/design agency), who are happy to embrace flexibility, understand meeting client budgets and go the extra mile to achieve great outcomes within given time frames.

CAN Design breaks the tradition by:

  • removing the ‘smoke & mirrors’ layer and traditional agency levels of internal structure
  • prefers working with clients on a job-by-job basis, rather than charging a retainer, (proving financially beneficial and transparent for the client as well as realisting in coping with times of demand and quiet)
  • understanding the importance of branding and visual language consistency for strong on-going communication
  • listening to the client and helping them achieve what they want
  • being realistic and up-front, in both time frames and costs
  • have the ability to be flexible, to act quickly and change on the fly
  • encourage client input and direction
  • happily take feedback and changes over the phone, allowing you to speak directly with the designer involved directly with your project (so nothing is lost through Chinese Whispers)
  • pass over all IP ownership on creative and art to the client at the completion of a job, to use and distribute as if their own, (upon payment)

Last-minute needs, back-flips in a brief, changes and additions are the norm with us. Just keep us in the loop with details and updates we’ll adjust on the fly.

Based in the creative hub of South Melbourne, CAN Design is bubbling with fresh ideas that stretch nationally and internationally. With almost twenty years of established reputation for developing effective and strategic concept based design solutions for companies of every shape and size – we CAN deliver.

We are purely a ‘Word-of-Mouth’ business – so you will only hear of us and our services through a recommendation of a colleague, friend or associate… and we are fortunate that we don’t ever advertise or cold-call.

Working together closely with the client from the very beginning, CAN Design helps determine an approach which will give maximum gain to your organisation and provide depth and scope to an existing base – building upon what is already recognisable rather than trying to totally reinvent the wheel.

The competitive advantage which comes from our unique approach. By choosing CAN Design as your preferred design supplier you can be confident the consistency and approach to your work will always be given top priority with a fresh conceptual twist and an understanding of cost effective solutions that meet your expectations with regard to price, quality and time-frame.